The "Crazy
Days of Summer"

What ever happened to the “Lazy Days of Summer?”

As a mom, I have found myself busier than ever in the summers. I am a human taxi service for my brood of kiddos who are not in school during the day. Basically, I am enjoying summer from the inside of my car as I wait in various carpool lines to drop off and pick up the kids from: football camp, swim/dive practice, college prep class, ukulele lessons and Parkway’s “Jumpstart to Kindergarten.” This is all before noon!

Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining. I enjoy it, actually. The car rides give me lots of opportunities to catch up on the latest music on the radio (that lyric just said WHAT?!), to have the captive audience several of our children- buckled in place (Children, let me tell you something…back when I was a kid…) and to think peacefully inbetween commutes (ahhh…a little “me” time)—when the car is empty, of course!

Several of the children have observed and commented that they have to wake up earlier and that mornings are busier now than during the school year. I thought to myself, “You’re telling me?”

Though it’s “crazy busy,” I do feel very fortunate that Chesterfield offers so many activities for the children to stay involved with learning, lessons and sports during  summer. We really look forward to the evenings and weekends after the daily morning scurry. A wonderful thing about living in Chesterfield is that during those free times there are so many fun places and events for us to explore and experience.

After the “Crazy Days of Summer,” we all need a little unstructured time just to relax and play—outside of the car.

Yours in Community,