Spectacular Summer Spots

Dream Trips and Adventures Await

If you’re thinking about summer travel plans and fear you won’t be able to take a last-minute getaway, it’s not too late to lock in great fares and rates for some amazing destinations. Riviera Maya, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta in Mexico–Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica are always favorites for Chesterfield families because of the non-stop charter flights available out of St. Louis. Taking a Cruise, visiting Disney or planning something even more adventurous like an African Safari are also popular options.

There are three elements to ensuring a great vacation: Decide where you want to go, figure out how to get there and where to stay, and determine what you want to see and do once you arrive. With little time to research and plan before the start of school, it’s a great idea to call an experienced travel agent who can give you the best resort and destination choices and most current flight availability.

Most everyone has a dream trip in mind. It could be across an ocean or closer to home, on a cruise ship or at a beachfront resort. Maybe there’s a place you’ve longed to see ever since you were a kid, or a spot you visited years ago and want to return to show your own children? Perhaps there is a romantic location you and your significant other have wanted to experience in person ever since you saw it in a movie? Engaging a travel agent can open doors to visiting those places and even someplace you hadn’t even considered until you learn about it during a consultation.

Once you’ve chosen a destination, focus next on transportation and lodging. Is a non-stop, charter flight–better if you’re traveling with young children and don’t want to spend all day traveling? Will you need to rent a car and what size? Since it will be your “home away from home” during the trip, deciding what you want from a hotel or resort is important. Do you need a large pool or a variety of restaurants on-site? Would you prefer an all-inclusive where all food, drink, entertainment and non-motorized water sports are included? Would you prefer to be able to step outside and be in the middle of shopping, dining and attractions, or would you prefer a quieter spot?

The weeks leading up to a trip are filled with anticipation. Put that excitement to good use by researching the “can’t-miss”attractions. If possible, buy tickets before you go to save money and time waiting in line. Wherever you go, summer is a time for outdoor events of all kinds. Find free or low-cost things that the whole family will enjoy. For example, many places have free concerts, festivals or walking tours.

But don’t let the itinerary be your only guide. At least once during your vacation, try something new! Choose a new recreational activity, dine at restaurant that serves cuisine you’ve never eaten, attend a sporting event/performance you might not necessarily attend at home; make memories!

Just be adaptable and give yourself room to breathe. When you have a short amount of time, it’s natural to want to try and see as much as possible. Remember, there is  nothing wrong with slowing down and relaxing on the beach or by the pool, sitting in a café and watching the world go by or taking in a spectacular sunset. It’s the quiet, beautiful moments that you’ll remember as much as the jam-packed ones.

Whether your travel plans involve going solo or with friends/loved ones and getting away for one week or two, a travel agent has the expertise to help you plan your vacation with an eye on your budget. Most people don’t realize that they don’t pay extra for this travel expertise; in fact, utilizing a travel agent will end up saving money, time and hassle.  Services include: picking from a wide array of lodging choices, figuring out the best route for reaching your destination, and recommending the experiences that will make the memories of your trip linger long after you’ve returned home.