Chesterfield’s Fine Fashions–For HIM

Men’s fashion today boasts the best of the old and the new. To be sharply dressed for every occasion, a man can be creative with his wardrobe and accessories selections while still giving a nod to the traditional. Several Chesterfield fashion experts share their insights.

Eduard Titov, Suits4Men

Every man must have a classy, well-fitting, basic-colored, multi-purpose suit that will be useful to work many functions from a funeral to job interview, says Eduard Titov, president of Suits4Men, in Chesterfield Mall. Suits4Men is a more than 100-year-old, three-generation, family owned and operated men’s custom clothing business.

“Today, a lot of men are geared toward a charcoal gray suit and find black too formal,” Titov says. “Men’s styling has changed drastically; today, everything is more tailored and closer fit to the body.”

In today’s market, a large trend in men’s wardrobe is the vest and a tie bar, Titov says. “And, a lot of gentlemen are getting into spread collar shirts.”

A big trend intoday’s fashion in men’s clothing is a light brown or saddle tan dress shoe, which Titov calls “the number one necessity man wants in today’s fashion world.”

Color palettes on suits have changed for this season, and one of the hottest colors is a lighter blue.

“Skinny ties are back in fashion, partly thanks to the popularity of the Mad Men TV series,” Titov says. “A lot of younger men want to be trend setters.”

Judy Garrett, J. Hilburn Direct Sales

Judy Garrett is a men’s clothier personal stylist for the J. Hilburn direct sales company of men’s clothing and works out of her home in Chesterfield. Garrett says that a popular look today is “a pair of jeans that fit and are in a dark wash, paired with a sports coat – navy is always a popular color.”

Trending materials are a light weight wool or linen for summer.

“We do a half-lined jacket due to the summer heat here that’s popular,” Garrett says.

Also, custom shirts are making a comeback.

“Most men have never had a shirt that really fits,” Garrett says. “Most guys are wearing shirts that are way too big.”

Popular shirt colors in her line are greens and blues, as well as lavender.

“Also, pocket squares are back and increasing in popularity, just in the last few years, because then you can choose not to wear a tie with it, but just have a splash of color in your pocket,” she says.

“French cuffs with cufflinks also have been trending. I think a more tailored and crisp look is on the rise, as well as having a nicer shoe to wear with blue jeans for date night.”

Dani Corbitt, Bespoke Apparel

Dani Corbitt is a stylist and co-owner with Bespoke Apparel, which offers men’s custom clothing at 169 Lamp & Lantern Village in Chesterfield.

“Men’s fashion trends are a bit more stable than women’s, but staples remain where, for instance, definitely a man needs to have a navy suit and a gray suit along with a sharp blazer and khakis in their wardrobe – that will get you through most work necessities,” Corbitt says.

“What changes is the cut. We’re seeing that going from a super trim, really tight look to, for instance, a well-fitted jacket that allows you to move. It’s fitted without being tight.”

She’s pleased to see the resurgence of the pocket square replacing the tie, especially since so many men aren’t required to wear a tie every day to work.

“Having fun with socks and a pocket square is an awesome way to show a little personality,” Corbitt says.

Pairing a patterned jacket with jeans is a great look for going out to dinner as well as work.

“Today, popular jeans for men are dark washed solid and five-pocket,” she says.

Corbitt’s noticing more of a seasonal turnover with men’s looks like she has seen with women’s looks in the past.

“For example, we have some sage-washed jeans that are a lot of fun through the spring and summer but that a man definitely won’t want to wear in fall or winter,” Corbitt says.

“Men are encouraged to turn over jackets. We have sport-coat specific fabrics for spring and summer, and men are having a lot of fun with the texture and color today.”

Courtney McManemy, Hut no. 8

Courtney McManemy is store manager with Hut no. 8 Chesterfield, a brand name clothing exchange store at 146 Chesterfield Valley Drive.

“Today, men love cargo shorts in different styles and patterns, and boat shoes or loafers, as well as bow ties, are really in as well,” she says.

A lot of popular men’s clothing today is transitional, to serve needs both for the office and for “after 5” use.

“And guys are getting into accessories like belts, leather bracelets and rings to accessorize their outfits more than in the past,” McManemy says.

“Bold dress shirt colors like yellow or coral are popular.”

Kayla Theiss, Optometrist Office of Lisa B. Dibler LLC

Round plastic glasses frames are becoming a popular trend with men in West County, says Kayla Theiss, office manager and who runs the optical department at Lisa B. Dibler LLC optometrist, at 266 Lamp and Lantern Village in Chesterfield.

“A lot of men still opt for black or brown frames, a more classic look,” she says.

“Aviator or Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames in sunglasses are very in now. Men also tend to like the mirrored sunglasses lenses look.”

No matter how you slice it, Chesterfield is a great place to shop and learn the latest trends to make sure you are (or you have) a sharply dressed man!