June 2015 Editor's Letter

Tricks & Flips

Our June issue is dedicated to the men in our Chesterfield community. John and I are raising six boys (ages 4-17) in our Chesterfield home; one day soon, they will be men.  Putting this issue together piqued my curiosity about what things our boys thought that all men should know how to do; so I asked them. I asked each of our sons individually so they would not be influenced by any of their brothers’ answers.

The older boys had some interesting answers; some of their responses to the question were very specific while others were quite broad and generalized. Here is the breakdown of the answers the “tweens to teens” gave.

All men should know how to:

*Change a flat tire

*Drive a car


*Shave and groom; have good hygiene

*Play sports and/or talk about sports

*Fix things

*Solve problems

*Change diapers

*Tie a tie

Our boys in elementary school had some different ideas to offer. According to them, all men should know how to:

*Get a wife

*Use money wisely

*Dress properly and stylishly

*Be successful

*Be wise

*Learn things

* Get through each day alive

After I finished smiling about some of their answers and chuckling to myself about certain others, I realized how interesting it was to learn what our young men think are the vital skills they need to master before venturing into full-fledged manhood. I was impressed with their insight and also thought they covered a great deal of actual items required in the “manly skills set.”

The last one of our boys I interviewed was our youngest son, who is four years old.

All men should know how to:

*Do tricks and flips

He couldn’t think of anything else; I suppose in a preschooler’s eyes if a man can do tricks and flips he is set for life.

Yours in Community,

Elizabeth “Libby” Mullen