The Marriage of Traditions and Trends in Chesterfield Weddings

Dimly-lit ceremonies, textured linens and  the inclusion of various finery, inspired by are all among the latest new wedding trends in Chesterfield and the West County area. When making decisions about their weddings with regard to dresses, clothing, cakes, flowers, ceremonies and receptions, couples are “marrying” various older traditions with new trends, to make their weddings days meaningful and memorable.

Aaren Muex, owner/lead event planner of the eight-year-old Divine Events, LLC, a wedding and events planning organization, says, “While intimate wedding ceremonies are a continuing tradition, dimly-lit ceremonies seem to be a new trend. Another thing staying the same is having everything – the ceremony and reception – in one location, such as the same hotel. The only thing that changes is flipping the room.”

Muex says couples are choosing different patterns and textures in wedding linens.

“For example, tablecloths have things like more sequins,” Muex says. “While traditional wedding cakes are often a wedding staple, some couples are starting to incorporate alcohol-infused dessert tables. You’ll have some desserts with vodka or some kind of alcoholic drink infused within the dessert on a separate dessert table.”

Late-night food stations have become a new trend, being used at the “after party” of the wedding to provide additional food at the end of the reception.

“So many people look at Pinterest to get ideas, wanting to copy off that sometimes,” Muex says. “I try to come up with ideas to bring out the couple, because it’s important to incorporate what they like and make the wedding their own, latest trends or not.”

Angela Carter, daughter of owner Mary Tuttle with Mary Tuttle’s Flowers at 17021 Baxter Road in Chesterfield, says trends her shop is seeing include flowers that are in soft, muted tones of whites, creams and blushes.

“Hand-tied bouquets are still very popular with all roses, garden roses, peonies, hydrangea, orchids or combination of flowers. Garden roses are a favorite as they have great texture, are romantic, look and smell fabulous,” Carter says.

Texture is still popular as well, for those couples that are going with an outdoor or winery venue.

“For receptions, we’re seeing more requests for gold, silver or mercury glass to add pop to the soft, muted florals and more traditional style arrangements versus tall and extravagant,” Carter says.

Carter added that bridesmaids’ dresses in magazines are trending on the shorter side, but she’s really seeing quite a variety of lengths and styles of dresses depending on time of year and venue.

“Men’s suits are popular again versus the traditional tux,” Carter says. “As always, our goal is creating what the bride and groom have envisioned as their perfect day and making it a reality.”

Fawn Miller, Wedding Experience manager (wedding coordinator) for McArthur’s Bakery, including a location at 13700 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield says, “These days, many engaged couples are ordering smaller cakes, for their weddings, than in the past. For example, they’ll do a small two- or three-tier cake – to have something for the couple to cut for the photos, with a larger sheet cake on the side, which is a more budget-friendly option.”

Additionally, some couples are doing dessert bars.

“They’ll order a small two-tier cake for them to cut but have other dessert options, like mini cheese cakes or brownies or cookies to accompany the small cake so guests have the option of whatever they like to eat,” Miller says.

However, she admits the traditional white wedding cake is most often selected.

“Couples are people pleasers and want something everyone will eat,” Miller says.

A new trend in cake decoration is textured icing as opposed to flat icing.

“Textured icing can look, for instance, like a stucco type material on a wall,” Miller says.

A cake style that’s “in” right now is the vintage, chic kind of cake.

“While a lot of couples go to Pinterest to get ideas, many end up changing their mind because what they see – often, cakes that are covered in fondant (icing) – are expensive,” Miller says, adding use of fondant (icing) can almost double the price of a cake if it’s completely covered in it.

Fondant is sheets of marshmallow-like icing rolled out over the cake and smoothed in place. Though there are some things that can be done with fondant that can’t be done with regular icing–such as solid or more even tone of color on a cake and providing a smoother and cleaner overall look to the cake–it is not used as much at wedding as you might think.

“It’s used a lot more on TV reality shows like Cake Boss than for real life weddings,” Miller says. “Traditional cake looks, such as plain icing with fresh flowers or scroll decorations piped on the cake, still are popular. Often couples will do some of the old and new, like use the old-fashioned scroll design but in popular colors like navy and coral or blushes like blush pink with gold.”

Debbie Shackelford and her daughter Samantha own Signature Bridal Salon/Boutique, at 703 Long Road Crossing Drive No. 10 in Chesterfield, where customers often are greeted by the store’s mascot, Samantha’s French bulldog, Winston.

“A popular trend in wedding dresses is to incorporate any kind of lace, especially vintage lace,” says Debbie. “With trends coming from Pinterest, couples like the vintage look and carry it through their whole wedding theme. Brides can incorporate their mother’s or grandmother’s veil in their own dress or veil or ensemble. A lot of brides still like the traditional cathedral veil with blusher.”

While ivory is a popular dress color, many brides are getting into café or champagne or blush colors.

“But, for men’s tuxedos, they still want to stay classic, so black , gray and slate blue are and have been really big,” Debbie says.

Wineries seem to be a big draw as venues, allowing couples and guests to be outside.

“Some old traditions become new again,” Debbie says. “When I got married 33 years ago, both parents walked me down the aisle, and I’ve had a number of brides recently who wanted both parents to give them away.”