A Wedding Tip

Can you hear those wedding bells, readers?  Wedding season is fast approaching.  No one in our family is getting married this year so far, but we are closely following a “wedding saga” of someone we know. I guy named Rom.

Rom is our server at Chili’s in Chesterfield. He is our server because we are some of his “regulars.” John and I often choose Chili’s for our “date night” (more like our “date hour”).  We start our “date hour” once our younger children have been tucked in their beds. Our older children keep their eyes and ears out for things and…out we go.

Since we go out well after the normal dinner hours we are often Rom’s only table. Once a week for the past several years, we often get the chance to converse with our server, Rom, since we have him all to ourselves. One particular evening when we arrived, Rom was even more smiley and energetic than normal; he shared that he had just finished paying for an engagement ring for his long-time girlfriend and he showed us the ring.

He proceeded to tell us about his elaborate plans for his surprise proposal that was to include their families, a huge movie-type poster of the couple and a fancy dinner. We couldn’t wait to come back the next week and hear how it went—hoping she said “YES!”

Well, all went as planned, except Rom’s  girlfriend walked into that restaurant and right past the HUGE custom poster without noticing it—but in the end she did accept his proposal and the wedding plans started right away, since many venues and services are  booked a year in advance.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Rom and his fiancée are paying for their own wedding; each time we see him he has details to share how the plans are going. Rom is very gracious about wanting his fiancée put together her dream wedding. The bad news is that the newest plans included her changing the original venue to one she liked better; the change resulted in the loss of a rather large deposit. He just smiled and raised his eyebrows. I found it heartwarming the way he is focused on her happiness surrounding the “big day.”

The good news is that recently, the young child of another one of Rom’s “regulars,” wrote him a tip for “70 bazillion dollars!” I saw it with my own eyes on the receipt; what great timing! That should certainly take some of the sting out of the lost deposit.

Yours in community,

Elizabeth (Libby) Mullen